At Sifty, we believe we can and will become your favourite source of health information and data, while having an impact on our society. We work globally, but we are officially based in Prague, Czech Republic, where we seek to raise awareness about importance of health status, regular check-ups and understanding the importance of reliable health data.

We SIFT health information for you!

by highlighting what really matters to all of us – general population. 


Our goal:

Good health is the most precious thing we have. Unfortunately, not all of us realize how fragile it can be. In our world today it is not always easy to go for healthy choices, however it becomes much easier once you know what these are. We will not be the ones to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, but we will give you an overview of your options and of health state in the EU, hoping to increase your interest both in health topics and in your own health.


How we work: 

We go through databases (Eurostat, WHO, OECD, etc.) and specific indicators list (ECHI, SDS, etc.), policy papers, NGOs and agencies’ databases, national and EU documents (i.e. do you know the difference between European Commission’s  strategy, action paper and working document?), interview physicians and scientists and provide you with clear and simple infographics and texts.

What we offer:

  • We communicate health information in a simple and attractive way
  • We make health data and stats attractive and understandable
  • We raise awareness about health situation and problems in the EU
  • We teach people not to underestimate their health and overestimate their physical capacities through online communication, media and workshops
  • We provide public health and policy analysis

Who we are:

Our team consists of both health and data enthusiasts. We are mostly Czech recent graduates and students with international education starting from London School of Economics, Oxford University, King’s College London, and other. We all seek for bigger purpose in our daily lives and we believe that combining education and health is the key to a better state of society.